MichelineManseau Micheline Manseau– PhD advisor
Associate Professor
Natural Resources Institute
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Canada R3T 2M6
Ecosystem Scientist
Office of the Chief Ecosystem Scientist
Parks Canada
Government of Canada
Email: micheline.manseau at pc.gc.ca
Website: http://www.lecol-ck.ca
Mark Hebblewhite – Masters advisor
Department Ecosystem and Conservation Sciences
College of Forestry and Conservation
32 Campus Drive
The University of Montana
Missoula, Montana 59812, USA
Office: FOR 304

Email: mark.hebblewhite at umontana.edu
Website: http://www.cfc.umt.edu/HebLab/

Manseau Lab:

Amy Brown
Masters student
Natural Resources Institute
University of Manitoba
PaulinePriadka Pauline Priadka
Masters student
Natural Resources Institute
University of Manitoba

Wilson Lab:

 PaulWilson Paul Wilson
Canada Research Chair in DNA Profiling
Associate Professor
Forensics and Functional Genomics
Trent University
 cornelyaklutsch Cornelya Klutsch
Post Doctoral Researcher
Trent University
 AdamMarques Adam Marques
Masters Student
Biology Department
Trent University
 PhilipBertrand Philip Bertrand
Masters Student
Biology Department
Trent University
 JillLalor Jill Lalor
Research Technician and Laboratory Coordinator
Trent University
 BridgetRedquest Bridget Redquest
Research Technician
Trent University

Heb Lab:

Hebblewhite Lab, Wildlife Biology Program, University of Montana
Robin Steenweg – PhD Student
Mark Hurley – PhD Student
Derek Spitz – PhD Student
Tshering Tempa – PhD Student
Daniel Eacker – MS Student
Matt Metz – PhD Student
Wibke Peters – MS 2010, PhD 2015 – Postdoc, Centre for Ecological & Evolutionary Synthesis, U. of Oslo
Clay Miller – MS 2012 – Currently enrolled in University of Montana Law School
Scott Eggeman – MS 2012 – Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks Blackfoot Area Biologist, Region 2
Nick DeCesar – PhD 2012 – Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks Moose Research Biologist
Shawn Cleveland – MS 2010 – Nature Conservancy, Matador Ranch, Montana
Lacey Greene – MS 2010 – California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Bishop, CA
Hugh RobinsonPostdoc 2008/12 – Director, Landscape Analysis Lab, Panthera
Kathleen Griffin – Postdoc 2008/09 – Sage Grouse Conservation Coordinator, CO Division of Wildlife


Paul Galpern
Assistant Professor
Faculty of Environmental Design
University of Calgary
AmyFlasko Amy Flasko
Caribou Recovery Biologist
Alberta  Fish and Wildlife
Government of Alberta
 LauraHebert Laura Hebert
Former Masters student in Manseau Lab
Natural Resources Institute
University of Manitoba
SamanthaMcFarlane Sam Mcfarlane
Former Masters student in Manseau Lab
Natural Resources Institute
University of Manitoba
MorganAnderson Morgan Anderson
Regional Wildlife Biologist
High Arctic
Government of Nunavut


Byron Weckworth
Regional Coordinator, Snow Leopard Program, Panthera

Lindsey Rich
PhD Student, Department of Fish and Wildlife Conservation, Virginia Tech

Stephen Petersen
Head of Conservation and Research, Assiniboine Park Zoo

Kim Heinemeyer
Lead Conservation Scientist, Round River Conservation Studies

Anja Carlsson
Postdoctoral research associate, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Calgary

Marco Musiani
Associate Professor, Ecological Systems Design, University of Calgary


Research Team Meeting at Trent University, December 2014. Left to Right: Jean Polfus, Micheline Manseau, Paul Wilson, Bridget Redquest, Sam McFarlane, Jill Lalor, Adam Marques, Pauline Priadka, Amy Flasko, Morgan Anderson, Cornelya Klutsch.

Amy Brown, Amy Flasko, Micheline Manseau, Jean Polfus (Manseau Lab) Winnipeg, July 2013.

Manseau/Wilson research team – 1st Joint Congress on Evolutionary Biology – Ottawa, Ontario – June 2012